Estos son algunas de nuestros servicios para aquellas personas que lo requieran:

  • Maestros para Clases Privadas.
  • Maestros para Clases Grupales.
  • Acompañantes para las Milongas.
  • Acompañantes para Clases Grupales.
  • Acompañantes para Clases Privadas.
  • Acompañantes para Prácticas Grupales.
  • Acompañantes para Clases de Folklore Argentino.
  • Asistentes para los Workshop de Tango.
  • Guías de Turismo por Buenos Aires.


These are some of the services that we provide:

  • Teachers for Private Tango Classes.
  • Teachers for Group Tango Classes.
  • Companions for Milongas.
  • Companions for Group Tango Classes.
  • Companions for Private Tango Classes.
  • Companions for Group Tango Practices.
  •  Companions for Argentine Folklore Classes.
  • Assistants for Tango Workshops.
  • Guides for Buenos Aires tourists.

4 comentarios:

  1. Gracias por servicio de tour, amigo jose luis. La paciencia que tenes para nosotros y mostrarnos los lugares mas lindos de buenos aires, Jenny, john, candy, mica !!!
    Besos, lindo

  2. Chicas, gracias a ustedes por habernos contactado y me alegro mucho por que les haya gustado el paquete Buenos Aires !!! Besos y nos veremos prontito....
    José Luis...

  3. I am writing to tell you what a wonderful time we had in Buenos Aires, with you as our tour guide and taxi dancer! Your dancing instruction was very much like what we were used to. Even though we didn't speak very good Spanish, you were able to explain, by feel and gestures, what you wanted us to do. It's very clear you have a passion for tango! Your enthusiasm about tango, Buenos Aires, nature, bike rides, fans, etc.. was so fun and made this a wonderful vacation. Your choices of the milongas was great - we got to see a live band, a family-style milonga, and a more traditional milonga where the men sat separate from the women. Each experience was unique and we learned so much about dancing and the culture. You are a great guy, with a great service to provide. Thank you so much for your help!

    Robin Ryan

  4. Just got back from an amazing trip to Buenos Aires! We had the most wonderful dance assistants while we were there to learn to tango - they cheerfully guided us through classes and milongas alike, with clear leads and specific suggestions and corrections that made even this beginning tango dancer feel like a pro on the dance floors. The trip would not have been the same without them! Can't wait to go back...!!!

    Barbara Frost